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What's on in The Retreat?

The Retreat Pub 

Saint John's St, Reading, RG1 4EH

Apart from excellent beer and cider

every day ... :o)

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ABUG - Absolute Beginners Ukulele Group. 1st & 3rd Monday


BUG -Beginners Ukulele Group.

2nd & 4th Monday


UPS -Ukulele Practice Session.

1st & 3rd Wednesday.

(For anyone who wants to practice.)





All at The Retreat,

St John's Street,

RG1 4EH.  

7.30-9pm  £5 per session.



* Single yellow line, Eldon Terrace.

*  Far side of Eldon square.

   2 hours free.

*  Front of Royal Berks Hospital.  Pay and display.



Here's the line up at The Retreat over

the next few months.

(Brian will be booking bands, as soon as he's back from a short well earned break.)

(Details of Tomato growing competition below. PLANT SEEDS NOW!)


Saturday 22nd - Jawbreakers. (Jump jive & swing.)

Thursday 27th - Hugh Turner & Fleur Stephenson

Sunday 30th - Simon Price & Friends - Jazz



Saturday 13th - Paula Riordan - Blues

Saturday 20th - Jackie Doe's - Uncertainty of Passion

Sunday 28th - Simon Price & Friends - Jazz



Wednesday 14th - Quiz Night!  (Moved from The Eldon.)

Sunday 25th - Simon Price & Friends - Jazz



Wednesday 12th - Quiz Night! (2nd Wednesday)



Monday 29th - Tomato & Bloody Mary Challenge (Lyndhurst 5.30pm)


The  Village  Tomato  Challenge  2017

Calling all Village Pub patrons, it’s time to put

your green fingers to the test and grow the

finest tomatoes in the village



To grow, from seed, the finest tomatoes in the Village.



1)Tomato bushes MUST be grown from SEED

2)No greenhouses!  

3)Plants can be grown indoors, on windowsills or in the garden.

4)The plants must be organic, so no chemical fertilizers allowed…..seaweed fertilizers etc are permissible

5)Photo evidence of your plants progress MAY be requested…….



 The Competition will be judged

at The Lyndhurst

on the Monday 28th August at 5.30pm

by an independent, famous and impartial judge, whose decision will be final



Exclusive bragging rights to

the “Finest Tomato Grower” in the Village.






























UKULELE lesson dates: (7.30-9pm)


APRIL 2017

Absolute Beginners ABUG-Monday 3rd & Tuesday 18th

Ukulele Practice Session UPS-Wednesday 5th & 19th

Beginners Ukulele Group-Monday 10th & 24th


MAY 2017

Absolute Beginners ABUG-Monday 1st & 15th

Ukulele Practice Session UPS-Wednesday 3rd & 17th

Beginners Ukulele Group-Monday 8th & 22nd



Ukulele classes 7.30-9pm. £5 per session.

More good music is on it's way.  :o)